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BULGARIAN JURA GAIDA Bagpipe by Z. Beshendjiev in G or D

200,00 €

Brand new instrument for professional musicians. The price include postage.

This instrument is made upon order and will be ready 2-3 weeks after payment is received.


Plays in the key of G or D. Please note the key with your order.

Traditional Bulgarian Jura Gaida. The wooden parts are made of plum tree. The bag is made of the skin of young goat.High quality craftsmanship of Zdravko Beshendjiev (on the photo). Professional instruments maker since 1993. Born 1959 in the Rhodope mountains. He crafts the instruments of all folk regions of Bulgaria. His instruments are played by professional musicians all over the world. 

The Gaida (bagpipe) is one of the most characteristic folk instruments of Bulgaria. It is said that a traditional wedding is incomplete without its presence. The standard instrument today is an outfit consisting of three chanters and two drones, giving the player capacity to perform music of all regions. The chanter, called a "gaidanitsa", makes this instrument unique. It has the capability of a full chromatic scale. Its conical bore may have up to seven subtle changes. The tone holes are curved and recessed to give the fingers a relaxed and comfortable grip. 


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Price:200,00 €
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