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BULGARIAN KAVAL flute by Nedelcho Marinov in A, C, D, E or B-FLAT

160,00 €

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This instrument is made upon order and will be ready 1-2 weeks after payment is received.


Brand new  instrument for professional use. Made of corneal tree. Plays in the key of A, C, D, E or B-FLAT. Nedelcho Marinov is a certified instruments maker since 1988. He was a student of the famous craftsman Zhechko Zhechev. 
The kaval, a Bulgarian or Balkan end-blown flute is also a common shepherd's instrument played in orchestras and as an accompaniment to singing. It is universally popular in Bulgaria. Playing techniques vary throughout the country. Typically a staccato style is played in the West, while a richly ornamented style is played in the East. This is instrument with 2000-3000 years history. The famous Orpheus, Thrace in the Roman empire was using the same Kaval. 

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Price:160,00 €
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