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BULGARIAN TRADITIONAL TAMBOURA Pandore with case 8 strings by Ivan Terziiski

240,00 €

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This is brand new instrument with cloth case. Tamboura with 8 strings. 
The craftsmann Ivan Terziiski is from Macedonian Bulgaria. The tamboura making and playing traditions are specific for this Pirin mountain folk region. His tambouras and drums are been accepded by many proffecional folk musicians all over the world. 

The tamboura in comparison with the other musical folk instruments is not so diffused as gadulka. There are tambouras with the different extent very often in the region of Raslog, Gotse Delchev and others. All tamboura's strings are metallic with one and same thickness and are pulled with a plectrum, which often is called with the Turkish name"tesane".

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Price:240,00 €
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