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BULGARIAN GADULKA instructional book in English 2013

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Author Boyan Savov. Published March 2013 by BULGARIANA.COM. 120 soft cover pages. A4 format. This book is to give you basic idea about the instrument and how to play with the help of graphics, pictures and note. Some of the sheet music has texts of the songs with Latin transcription. The gadulka is this typical Bulgarian instrument to accompany the folk ballad, when the story line goes half singing and half talking. The exercises in the book start from basic children songs to folk songs for advances musicians. One of the methods used is transposition of same melodies on different strings with same fingering. The Gadulka (rebeck) is unique and one of the most popular string instruments in Bulgaria with ancient roots and no analog anywhere in the world. It has clear and pleasant sound, used as solo and accompaniments. Also for playing in big or small homogeneous and mixed instrumental orchestras.


Sound making
Exercises for Mastering the 3 strings in different octaves
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Price:20,00 €
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