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BULGARIAN GAIDA Bagpipe - instructional video vol. 2 VCD

12,00 €

The price include postage. The video is brand new 42 minute VCD in MPEG format. It's also available on DVD. Can play on any computer with any media player and all DVD players able to read MPEG. 
In English. Released by BULGARIANA.COM in December 2007 and produced by Boyan Savov. 
Instructor in this video is Cory Dale - Australia. He plays bagpipes from many different countries, but the Bulgarian gaida is his favourite. He won 2nd and 3rd prize on the National Bulgarian Gaida competition in Gela for the last 2 years. In the video he shows the basic techniques and finger positions on the Thracian Jura and Rhodopes Kaba gaida, showing the differences in their structure and scale. He plays few melodies on both gaidas in the basic times in fast and slow mode, with and without ornaments, breaking it on parts, so it's easy to learn just by watching.

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Price:12,00 €
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