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BULGARIAN GADULKA Rebec 14 strings

160,00 €

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This instrument is made upon order and will be ready 3-4 weeks after payment is received.

This is a barnd new Traditional Bulgarian instrument for orchestra  GADULKA rebec. It has 3 big - melody and 11 small - resonating strings. Size 600 x 200 mm.

Only the upper strings are bowed (pitched A, E, D), while the other strings (accompany) only resonate the sound. The resonant strings can be pitched in the tones of the main strings also. The standart way of pitching the main strings is A, E, A. This pitch gives more opportunities for instrumental solo performances.

The tone of the gadulka is obtained by gliding the strings with the bow, made of flexible forked willow twig. It has a bow shape and is tied with horse hair, waxed with rosin.
The Gadulka (rebeck) is one of the most popular string instruments in Bulgaria. Most popular in the valleys of Thrace and Dobrudja, Western Bulgaria and some parts of the central parts of Stara Planina Mountains. It has clear and pleasant sound, used as solo and accompaniments. Also for playing in big or small homogenous and mixed instrumental orchestras. 


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Price:160,00 €
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