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RITM SCENAR 01 M SPORT D LCD Portable Electro stimulator with English manual

280,00 €

The price include postage.

This is a brand new device with 2 years warranty.

It comes without the battery because of postal restrictions. 
It has original Russian passport and instructions as well as English translation on a paper or file. 
These is a lot of good instructional videos on youtube as well. 
The best home appliance and the only one with LCD liquid crystal display. 
CHENS SCENAR 01-M retains the technical parameters and features of CHENS-SCENAR 01, 
but instead of light, the indication of the different modes and values ​​is displayed in alphanumeric display, 
making it much more comfortable to work with. Furthermore, the new modification has an automatic timer which gives a numerical expression of the measuring time in an "individually dosed mode" of impact, which greatly facilitates the evaluation of the reaction rate and the determination of the most suitable area for further processing and impact in the "subjective- dosed mode "to enhance the effect of the procedure.
Basic Impact Mode - Frequency of impulses (F) - 14, 60, 90, 320Hz
Frequency Modulation Mode - Fm (Variable Frequency) - 30 to 120Hz for 8s.
Modulation mode (Am) - 3: 1 (impact time - 3s, pause - 1s)
Individual Dosage Mode (D) - Diagnostics - Differential Dose
Ability to combine modes.
Indication of modes and reading the impact dynamics by LEDs.
Amplitude modulation 3:1
Frequency modulation 30-120Hz/8sec.
Frequency of the impulses - 14Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, 340Hz
Power 1 - 250
Display LCD
Dozed mode Yes
External electrodes port Yes
Видеоролик «СКЭНАР - Наталья Никушина - Включение прибора». (ЧЭНС-01-СКЭНАР) 
Видеоролик «Генеральный директор ЗАО «ОКБ «РИТМ» рассказывает о лечебном одеяле «Нега» 
Видеоролик «Генеральный директор ЗАО «ОКБ «РИТМ» Юрий Старовойтов провёл собрание по итогам 2014 года». 
Видеоролик «Наиболее популярные аппараты ЧЭНС-СКЭНАР», прибор имени Горфинкеля (ЧЭНС-02-СКЭНАР-Д), ЧЭНС-01-СКЭНАР-М и ЧЭНС-01-СКЭНАР-2Д 
Видеоролик «Первая в истории США СКЭНАР-конференция прошла в Лас-Вегасе»
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Price:280,00 €
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