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RITM CHANS SCENAR base model - with English manual PDF CD

190,00 €

CHENS- “Scenar” is the “base model” of a personal device, it has a set of functions sufficient to help itself and its loved ones at home, including in emergency situations before the arrival of the doctor. Compared with the version of the CHENS-02- “Skenar”, the functional of the device is complemented by the sweeping frequency mode and the possibility of combining several exposure modes.

  • Support, maintenance, recovery, acceleration of treatment at any age.
  • Elimination of any type of pain, edema, acute conditions.
  • COMFORT OF LIFE in various diseases.
  • Treatment of "domestic" diseases (injuries, burns, cuts, etc.).
  • Intelligent home appliance
  • Used as a substitute for allergic reactions to drugs.
  • "Ambulance" in acute conditions for oneself and those close to you at home and in travel.



Power supply:

Battery type PP3 voltage of 9 V (6F22KG 1604 9V)

Maximum current consumption:

No more than 85 mA

The frequency of following incentives:

90 Hz

Indicator type:

LED indicators

Modes of amplitude modulation:

3: 1, the duration of packs of stimuli in the amplitude modulation mode - 
(3.0 ± 0.5) s, pause duration 

The range of changes in the frequency modulation mode:

The frequency of the stimuli in the sweep frequency mode is in the range from
 30 to 120 Hz with tolerances ± 10%, swing period - (7 ± 2) s

Dosage regimen (diagnosis):

there is

Screening, diagnosis in the subjectively dosed mode:


Screening, diagnostics in individually dosed mode:

there is

Additional modes:


Impact energy regulation:

1 ... 250

Number of factory presets:



1000 hours

Average service life:

Not less than 5 years
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Price:190,00 €
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