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RITM CHANS SCENAR 01 SPORT with English manual PDF CD

215,00 €

CHENS-01- “Scenar”


Each of our devices has a unique SCENAR pulse, it is effective in any modification.

  • Support, maintenance, recovery, acceleration of treatment at any age.
  • Elimination of any type of pain, edema, acute conditions.
  • COMFORT OF LIFE in various diseases.
  • Treatment of "domestic" diseases (injuries, burns, cuts, etc.).
  • Intelligent home appliance
  • Used as a substitute for allergic reactions to drugs.
  • "Ambulance" in acute conditions for oneself and those close to you at home and in travel.

CHENS-01-SCENAR is one of the most advanced devices of the CHENS series. A variety of regimes gives more opportunities for the treatment and prevention of various diseases, so it is in special demand all over the world. 
It has programmed one type of diagnostics, five modes of exposure, and also extended the frequency range. 
A frequency of 340 Hz is best suited for pain relief. Most effective for aesthetic treatment of skin. 
The frequency of 14 Hz - the most favorable at the beginning of the course of treatment of chronic diseases. Also used when working with children. 
Frequencies of 60 and 90 Hz are standard, they are constantly used in SCENAR-therapy methods and can vary.

Consider the use of modes embedded in this model. 
Mode of amplitude modulation (AM) - stimulates muscle contractions, which reduces swelling, increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. In combination with low and high frequencies (from 14 and not less than 340 Hz) it is effective in cosmetology, with the use of certain techniques. 
“Shaking” frequency (FM) mode - includes a continuous stream of various frequencies, which enhances the SCENAR effect in the work at the active zone.

This model allows you to simultaneously connect and work in two modes. AM and FM, which enhances and complements the effects of their effects when performing various techniques. 
This device includes two more modes: 
For carrying out a course of treatment in chronic diseases, a diagnostic mode (objective-metered) is used (D). 
When all modes are canceled, a constant mode of exposure (subjectively dosed) is activated, it is recommended for acute conditions.

The effectiveness of the SCENAR apparatus increases by an order of magnitude if you:
  • use specially developed SCENAR-therapy methods;
  • use the “Nega” medical blanket that enhances the SCENAR effect.

Additional materials:

Video “SCENAR - Natalia Nikushina - Turning on the device”. (CHENS-01-SCENAR) 
Video “General Director of OKT RITM CJSC talks about the Nega medical blanket 
Video“ General Director of ZAO OKB RITM Yuri Starovoytov held a meeting following the results of 2014 ”. 
The video “The most popular CHENS-SCENAR devices”, the Gorfinkel device (CHENS-02-SCENAR-D), CHENS-01-SCENAR-M and CHENS-01-SCENAR-2D 
Video “The first ever SCENAR-conference was held in Las Vegas



Power supply:

Battery type PP3 voltage of 9 V (6F22KG 1604 9V)

Maximum current consumption:

No more than 85 mA

The frequency of following incentives:

14, 60, 90, 340 Hz

Indicator type:

LED indicators

Modes of amplitude modulation:

3: 1, the duration of packs of stimuli in the amplitude modulation mode - 
(3.0 ± 0.5) s, pause duration 

The range of changes in the frequency modulation mode:

The frequency of the stimuli in the sweep frequency mode is in the range from 
30 to 120 Hz with tolerances ± 10%, swing period - (7 ± 2) s

Dosage regimen (diagnosis):

there is

Screening, diagnosis in the subjectively dosed mode:


Screening, diagnostics in individually dosed mode:


Additional modes:


Impact energy regulation:

1 ... 250

Number of factory presets:



1000 hours

Average service life:

Not less than 5 years
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Price:215,00 €
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