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SUGAR CANE Bulgarian variety (Sorghum Saccharatum) 500+ ORGANIC SEEDS

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This is hand full of about 500 Sugar cane (Sorghum Saccharatum) seeds. We grow it on our organic farm in Bulgaria already 5 years. It's a local variety also known as "Sugar broom" and does not necessarily need a lot of water and tropical climate. We plant it on the field and in a rainy year grows up to 2,5 meters tall. The fresh juice after squeezing gets up to %20-22 sugar comparing to %28-30 in the tropical varieties.

The planting is same like corn 6-8 cm. distance between the seeds and 60 cm. between the rows.
It also can be used as a fence plant. Planting time is around the end of April and it needs about 100 days to grow. 
The juice can be used as fresh or boiled until gets thick and turns into molasses.
The seeds are good for flour, tea and food for the birds.
Please contact us if you need bigger amounts.  
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Price:3,00 €
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