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CZECH AIRCRAFT IN THE BULGARIAN SKY - military aviation book 2017

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Author Dimitar Nedialkov. Hardcover 136 pages. More than 90 years ago airplane training unit from His Majesty Boris III Bulgarian Air Directorate started re-equipment with the ?rst Czechoslovak-made Smolik S-18. Next followed the formal agreement of April 1927, signed between the Bulgarian government and the aircraft manufacturers from Aero-Prague. Since then more than 500 Czech aircraft from 24 types have own and continue to fly over Bulgaria. Thousands Bulgarian pilots have reached the sky thanks to these well-made machines. The book is dedicated to the remarkable story lasting for near a century. the story of Czech aircraft in the Bulgarian Sky. Colored hard covered. Last 8 pages will be in full color with colored photos and 20 camouflage profiles of main Czech aircraft in Bulgaria. The text will be bilingual and number of black and white photos are more than 200.

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Price:35,00 €
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