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Bulgarian Fighters Part 2 - book by Dimitar Nedialkov 2006

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A brand new luxury book by Dimitar Nedialkov.It has parallel text in English and Bulgarian. Softcover 76 pages. 

The book gives a detailed description of the air battles of the Bulgarian fighters and pilots in air defence operations. This time the author takes us back in the sky of 1943 and 1944 when the American planes were bombing the Bulgarian cities. They came in 5 to 20 times more in numbers and HAD 4 TIMES MORE CASUALTIES against the BULGARIAN FIGHTERS in the air.USA lost 54 planes and 78 damaged. Military secret is how many never reached their bases on the way back. Bulgaria lost only 17 planes.

Contains 102 black & white photos(1/2 never shown before), 16 colour profiles, 3 colour paintings by Marii Chernev, 2 graphics and 2 tables. 

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Price:24,00 €
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