Amigdaline (Vitamin B17) Complex, Syrup, 100 ml supplement from Bulgaria



– Natural product

– Dietary supplement for the immune system

– Contains pure apricot kernel extract and reishi mushrooms


Information about the existence, action and properties of vitamin B17 dates back to the 1830s, when French chemists isolated it from almond seeds and gave it the name glycoside amigdaline. In the middle of the last century, American biochemist Ernst Krebs named him B17 and publicly stated that it was a vitamin that successfully cured cancer.


Vitamin B17 (amigdaline)


Vitamin B17 stimulates cell regeneration and reproduction, increases the body’s natural immunity. The product has an overall beneficial effect on blood sugar levels, fat metabolism and vascular elasticity.


The healing effect of vitamin B17 contained in apricot kernels is associated with relief of: arthritic problems, joint cramps and high blood pressure, headaches, joint and muscle pain. It also improves metabolic processes in the body.


Mushroom Reishi:


The Reishi mushroom is rich in amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, enzymes. The polysaccharides contained in it – beta D-glucan and ganodermic acid – a very powerful antioxidant that helps the natural cleansing of the body, supports the natural healing capabilities of the body and the immune system.




Stevia is a very valuable plant with exceptional potential. The value is due to the sweet substances contained in the leaves and stems, commonly referred to as Steviol glycosides (often Steviosides). Stevia contains no calories and is suitable for use by diabetics. It does not cause the appearance of caries. It has a natural positive effect on the function of a number of organs and systems, such as the liver and the pancreas.




Dietary supplement that has a beneficial effect on:

– Exhaustion;

– Fatigue and stress of the body;

– It contributes to the normal function of the immune system.




Apricot kernel extract, Mushroom Reishi; Water.


Preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate; acidity regulator: citric acid; emulsifier: xanthan gum; sweetener: steviol glycosides (200 mg / l).


Suggested Use:


Take 5 ml daily.


The dose may be different after consultation with a specialist. Shake before use.


Packing: 100 ml

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Weight 0.2 kg

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