Bulgarian Collagen Forte, healthy joints formula 180 g natural supplement



– Product of “Zdravnitza” – dietary supplement
– Supports joints and connective tissue
– Maintains softness in movements
– Improves the elasticity of the skin
– Maintains health of nails and hair
– Does not contain harmful substances and technological additives

Collagen Forte of “Zdravnitza” is a nutritional supplement that promotes good health of ligaments, connective tissue, maintains the softness of movement and elasticity of the skin, nails and hair.

Collagen is the main protein in connective tissue of humans, accounting for nearly 1/4 of all proteins in the body and is a major component of cartilage (50%), tendons, ligaments, bones (23%), teeth, skin (74%). Collagen strengthens blood vessels. It contained in crystalline form in the cornea (64%) and lens of the eye.

Collagen Forte provides enriched formula that supports the health of joints, bones, connective tissue, skin and others. Collagen Forte is the result of over 15 years of research into the effects of collagen on the properties of connective tissue.

Collagen Forte is suitable for adults and for young people between 18 and 25 who play sport actively as heavy physical loads lead to rapid depletion of collagen in the body and need for supplementation.

Collagen Forte supports metabolic processes in the body, actively promote the release of harmful substances from the body. Contributes to improved muscle tone, leaving it feeling increasing the life force.

Collagen Forte is extremely well tolerated by the stomach lining and easy absorption by the cells in the body during their meal.

Collagen Forte – Action and Useful Properties:

Collagen Forte is a product that supports and restores processes in the human body. Due to its enriched formula:
– Hydrolyzed collagen peptide type I – 86,95%
– Extract (dry) of Acerola (fruits)
– Ceylon Cinnamon (powder)
– Ginger (root powder)
positively influences many diseases. Collagen Forte will help you to quickly and easily rescue and recovery after suffering severe or mild illness, surgery or other negative body processes.

Collagen Forte has a beneficial and healing properties in:

– Pain and swelling in the joints;
– Loss of ease in movement;
– Diagnosed inflammation of connective tissue;
– A progressive disease such as systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis;
– Instability of the tendons;
– Unstable muscle tone;
– Weak immunity;
– Weak metobolizam;
– Overweight;
– Difficulty detoxify the body;
– Changes in blood sugar and cholesterol lovels;
– Loss of elasticity of the skin and hair;
– Brittle nails;
– Abnormal tooth dentin and other dental problems;
– Feeling of loss of life force
– Nervousness and sleep disorders.

Collagen Forte for heart diseases:

– Promotes rapid recovery of the body after suffering heart attacks and strokes;
– Has regenerative and healing problems with the heart valve;
– A favorable effect on coronary heart disease (CHD), high blood pressure (hypertension), narrowing of the aorta and aneurysms.

Carefully selected ingredients in Collagen Forte act favorably on the:

– Gastrointestinal disorders such as gastritis, colitis, colon polyps;
– Diseases of the prostate and urethra;
– Gallstones;
– Parkinson;
– Gout.

Collagen Forte of “Zdravnitza” support relief and recovery in spines, cysts, fibroids, hematomas and other entities in the body.


Composition of hydrolyzed collagen peptide type I – 86,95%

with added: dry extract of Acerola (fruit), Ceylon Cinnamon (peel powder), Ginger (root), Stevia.

Content of the recommended daily intake (40g):

Hydrolyzed collagen peptide type I: 33.78 g
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder: 2.09 g
Acerola Fruit Extract (25%): 1.74 g
Ginger Root Powder: 1.39 g
Stevia: 1.0 g

Free of Harmful substances! Free of Technological Additives!

Suggested Use:

Intensive care:
Intensive care in advanced stages of disease or spent after surgery:
Twice a day, morning and evening, 30 minutes before a meal, take two tablespoons of the product mixed in yogurt, smoothie or juice.

Maintenance care:
As supporting product cosmetic purposes or after heavy exercise:
Once a day 30 min before meal take one tablespoon of the product mixed in yogurt, smoothie or juice. For people weighing over 100 kg. recommended intake of 2 tablespoons per day.

Recommended taking schedule:

Take 90 days followed by 30 days rest. Subject to the recommended regimen, you can take the product indefinitely or until a result.

If after the termination of the so-called “intensive” intake symptoms are not noticed while taking the product it is advisable to switch to so-called “maintenance” intake of not less than 90 days.

Not recommended for: children; Pregnant and lactating; People with proven allergy to protein foods, liver and kidney problems.


Store in a dry place at temperatures below 25° C when first given – possibly in the refrigerator.

Packing: 180 g

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