Bulgarian Alum – fine crystals 50 g.



Alum is the popular name for the inorganic chemical compound potassium-aluminum disulfate crystal hydrate with twelve molecules of water. The source of alum in nature is the mineral alunite, as well as a number of clays and bauxite.


Alum is used in industry, medicine, cosmetics and even in cooking.




Dissolved in water, it has astringent, drying, disinfecting and bactericidal, anti-inflammatory (to accelerate wound healing), whitening agent (helps remove freckles). Alum stops the blood when cutting, cleans purulent wounds. It is a proven folk remedy for treating bleeding gums.


Alum has a beneficial effect on hyperhidrosis, fungal infections, fungus under the nails, eliminating body odors.


Alum is often used as an aftershave.


Alum can also be used to prevent dandruff and strengthen hair. For this purpose, 1 tablespoon is added to 3-5 liters of water, boil and the finished liquid is poured on the head.




Alum (Potassium-aluminum sulfate) – fine crystals.


Instructions for use:


1-2 g of alum is added to 250 ml boiling water or herbal tea. Used for rinsing the mouth for 5-6 minutes, then spit it out.


It can be used as an additive to cosmetic products.


Store in a dry and dark place in the original package.


Packing: 50 g

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